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Beginner's Guide to Karma Yoga

 Yoga is the ancient art of unifying your mind, body, and spirit. The numerous techniques and exercises in yoga help you enjoy good health and well-being. With time, this ancient art has evolved into different styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini among others.  One of these is Karma yoga which uses the intent of your actions to control the reaction of cause and effect. The guide below will help you understand Karma yoga. Karma Yoga – A Brief Introduction Karma yoga is often as a yoga of action or the path of selfless service. The word Karma comes from the root word Kru which translates to work, deed, or action. Karma yoga includes the set of practices to unite your body, mind, and soul.  It is a disciplined yogic path to help you become kind, generous, and unselfish. Enroll in a certified YTT school to understand Karma yoga under the guidance of yoga experts. Let us find out what is the purpose of Karma yoga. Purpose of Karma Yoga The primary goal of this yoga style is t
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Stay Safe Against Covid With These Yoga Techniques

 Yoga is an ancient art that has been around for more than 5000 years. This has helped millions of spiritual seekers dive deeper into their true selves and meet the divine within. This sacred art helps you control the sacred Prana energy present in your subtle body. The art of yoga keeps you stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Do you know that yoga keeps you safe from numerous severe health problems like high blood pressure and low blood pressure? However, with Covid raging across the world, you should include a little yoga for Covid recovery to stay away from this life-threatening medical condition. Why Yoga For Covid? As said above, the world is battling the lethal coronavirus, also known as CoVid, which has already claimed millions of lives. The primary area of your body which the virus attacks is the lungs. Without a doubt, you must strengthen your lungs. Besides following the government protocols of social distancing and proper hygiene, your body also requires the righ

Yoga Diet: An In-Depth Analysis

There’s a famous saying that you become what you eat. It means that having well-balanced food can help you have a balanced mind and body. Many people spend hours practicing yoga or working out in a gym. However, they hardly spend a moment thinking about what to eat. Therefore, they never achieve the physique of their dreams. That is why knowing what or how to eat can help you transform your life. You can follow a yoga diet to detox your body from harmful toxins and live a healthy & fit life. Here are the top elements of a yoga diet that you must take into consideration. Read on. Different Elements of Yoga Diet Vegetarian Vegetarian food is easy to digest. That is why, when you eat vegetarian food, your body gets plenty of energy in the least time. Moreover, since the food is digesting at a much faster pace, you do not feel bloated. Hence, you can practice yoga much better without feeling heavy in your gut. So, make sure you eat a vegetarian diet. Wholesome &

Headstand Vs Handstand: Which Is The Best Yoga Exercise?

  So there’s a huge debate between whether a headstand is better or a handstand. You cannot just prove one better than the other. For some, a headstand is more effective while for others handstand is more useful. It all depends on the practitioner and the goal he or she has in mind. So, let’s not fight over headstand vs handstand war. Rather, be more humane and look at the different facts of each yoga exercise. Here’s a little insight into both the exercises to know which is perfect for you. Key Points of Headstand Vs Handstand Battle Body Balance Both the yoga exercises improve your body balance. Not just that, you need to become accustomed to the upside-down stance of your body. Thus, learning and practice headstand wins in this situation. Because it does not push you directly into an uncomfortable position. Rather, you learn to place your head first, then tuck headstand, and much later fully go into the headstand. On the other hand, the handstand is more aggressiv

Things Necessary To Sharpen Your Yoga Training

Do you want to reach the peak of your yoga training? What do you think might help you fathom the deepest core of the yogic world? Whether you are a beginner or an expert yoga practitioner, you need to keep a few things in mind to be on track. Read the following points to ensure to never get off track from your yoga training.  Important Things To Keep In Mind During Yoga Training Consistency When it comes to yoga training, practicing now and then can be useful but not up to the mark. You need to become consistent with your yoga practice. Therefore, either you make a routine that fits your schedule or you especially join a yoga center, you have to practice daily.  With regular yoga practice, you come to know about your limits. Moreover, you can work on the parts where you are the weakest. Therefore, it gives a great deal of understanding yourself since you are going to spend a lot of time exploring yourself. Knowledge Gathering Apart from practicing yoga, you need to make a habit of read

Say Goodbye to Depression with Yoga

Do you wake up every morning with feelings of hopelessness? Do you always feel there is no place for happiness in your life? Chances are you suffer from depression. Feelings of hopelessness and a pending doom are some of the early symptoms of depression. It can lead you to develop a pessimistic attitude towards your life. Thankfully, you have yoga to help you get out of this problem. Different yoga styles work on the different parts of your body and mind. It is the perfect combination of meditation and physical practices, which play an important role in treating depression. The physical movement in yoga helps unite your mind, body, and soul. With that said, let us check out the three yoga for depression asanas that help you focus on the present moment instead of living in the past or worrying about the future. Also read:  500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India   The Three Yoga for Depression Poses Given below are the three yoga poses to help you get out of this mental health issue

Recognize Your True Potential With Yoga Certification Course

When it comes to yoga practice, there is no limit to what one can learn. The more you explore, the greater the thirst increases in you to know more. When you practice yoga, you work with your body to connect with your mind and soul. However, it takes a lot to understand the true meaning of yoga. The following are a few elements you need to work upon to have mastery over your life. Read on. Things You Need To Practice For Overall Well-Being Physical Dimension Practicing yoga improves your physical performance when you practice various yoga poses. Whether you are a novice or an expert yoga practitioner, the physical dimension is the very first element you step into when you start your yogic journey. Thus,  when you practice various basic or complex yoga poses, you get a strong and flexible body. Moreover, you become resistant to various injuries when you practice yoga regularly. In case you feel stuck, you can always join a yoga alliance certification course to learn better. Mental Dime